About Us

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Boostcase is a fashion-forward electronic accessories brand specializing in modern on-demand battery solutions. Since its conception in 2010, Boostcase was developed as the power segment of a growing modular hardware ecosystem pioneered by industrial design house Carte Blanche.

Carte Blanche aims to utilize its modular platform to create highly personalized lifestyle products at the intersection of style and technology, always keeping its users connected and in vogue. For more information on Boostcase and its latest power solutions, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. For more information on Carte Blanche and its latest modular solutions, visit www.carteblanche.com.


Complete freedom to act as one wishes

Carte Blanche is an industrial design house specializing in modularity.

Since its conception in 2012, the Carte Blanche modular hardware ecosystem has evolved into a growing range of form follows function accessories.

Our smartphone accessory platform begins with an elegantly minimalistic yet highly functional perforated phone case dually designed to protect mobile devices and also connect with a range of complementary attachment accessories. The result is style intersecting with technology – mass customization – a unique accessory for every moment.

The Carte Blanche modular ecosystem currently includes two core collections with more in development:

BOOSTCASE – modern power accessories

CARTE BLANCHE – premium cut & sew leather goods