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  • Aug152014

    Street Style: Denim & Stripes!

    Denim & Stripes the perfect combination for a weekend getaway! Get your Limited Edition Stripe Snapcase at the link below:…

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  • Jun052014

    Camo Card Holder

    The Camo Card holder perfect for the summertime heat!

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  • Mar182014

    Boostcase Gold Hybrid Powercase for iPhone 5/5S lands In-store US retail

    How exciting can this news be!?!?! Go check your local Apple stores as our Gold Powercase has just landed in…

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  • Feb192014

    Product Must: Hologram Card Case

    How obsessed are we with Hologram at this moment?  SOOOO OBSESSED!!! Forget all those other colors this is all that…

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  • Feb142014

    Celebrity Sighting: Kate Walsh

    Dressed in a boho chic outfit actress Kate Walsh was spotted at Bristol Farms on Valentines Day with her Boostcase…

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  • Jan292014

    Celebrity Sighting: Shay Mitchell

    The uber gorge Shay Mitchell from our Favorite Pretty Little Liars shows off her Purple Boostcasein this selfie!  Absolute love…

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  • Jan262014

    Inspiration: The Blush moment

    Everyone usually asks the same ol’ question, “what inspires us?”.  To be honest, EVERYTHING!  Whether its fashion, art, politics or…

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  • Jan242014

    Sneak Peek: Blush Powercase

    Coming soon the Blush Power Case.  Follow us on instagram as we preview the latest and greatest upcoming stuff! #love…

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  • Jan212014

    The Gold iPhone 5/5S Powercase by Boostcase is now available on Apple Online

    The 2200mAh Golden Hybrid Powercase has just landed inApple Inc. Online Store. Get yours today at the link below: #love…

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